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Bryan Gorneau, born in 1981, is a mixed media artist from the shoreline of Connecticut. He has worked as an art fabricator for various artists and has been a welder/fabricator for over 13 years.


In his personal work Gorneau often uses historical artifacts or “Americana,” most commonly features from newspapers or popular magazines, as not only inspiration but often as a foundation upon which to create his art. By using clear resin epoxy he has been able to encase delicate material that would otherwise disintegrate, making it completely archival and timeless. Although Gorneau uses different processes throughout his sculpture and mixed media, continuity in his body of work is created through personal exploration of process and methodology.


All of Gorneau’s art is infused with a youthful curiosity and creative exploration as he deftly dismantles both objects and ideas, seeking to find a new way of understanding and portraying the world around him. Through his work, Gorneau highlights and preserves many of the “headlines” that have punctuated our society’s cultural identity, while redefining their messages from his personal artistic perspective.

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